Temporary Kitchen in Use
Preparing for the Slatwall
Finished Slatwall
First Work Table
Clamping the Table Top
Second Table Completed


My friends acquired a house where almost every room was in various states of renovation. They set up a temporary kitchen with a folding table and a rolling cabinet. I gave them a more workable solution until they can build their dream kitchen. My goal was to only use materials that we already had lying around.

The first countertop I made with rough cut maple I scavenged from a shipping crate and framing lumber they had lying around in their shed. I made it an odd shape to make use of the space behind the washtub sink.

Then, I  installed a slat wall that I made out of poplar 1x's that I had been hoarding for over 10 years and a sheet of pegboard we found in the attic.

The second countertop, I made a little fancier, now that I had access to a shop. The top is made of panel glued framing lumber and the base is cut from old Douglass fir joists that the previous owner had been hoarding.

It is now a very functional, albeit still temporary, space. 


PA Contractor #PA148485

Philadelphia CONTRACtor 055271

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Second Table Completed

This table was made entirely from wood found in the house from the previous owner. The top is dimensional lumber, the bottom is made from old floor joists.