I built these tool boxes to keep all of my tools and supplies neat and organized in my truck. Each toolbox has a lid that slides out of the way to access tools while it's still in the cabinet, but when in place, allows the entire box to be pulled out and carried to the jobsite. There is a center cabinet accessible from the driver seat for storing an inordinate number of coveralls. The third drawer from the top is an extra-looong compartment that spans the width of the vehicle and can hold a 4 ft level, a broomstick, and long bar clamps. The drawer front flips down for ease of access. The passenger side cabinet has a cubby that holds my bring-everywhere toolbag and my pièce de résistance: my hardware organizer. The cabinets are latched together so they can be removed in the event that I have passengers that refuse to ride in the bed.

PA Contractor #PA148485

Philadelphia CONTRACtor 055271


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