Hulking Out
Tent on Fryxell 2
Tent on Fryxell
When God closes a Door he opens a window
When God closes a Door he opens a window
Upper Erebus Apple 3
Upper Erebus Apple 1
Upper Erebus Apple 2
Special Joins in Cedar
Special Joins in Cedar 2
Santa's Workshop 5
Santa's Workshop 4
Santa's Workshop
Santa's Workshop 2
Santa's Workshop 3
Rac Tent on Sled at SALSA
Pulling Cable
Mech Tent
Pisten Bully Model
Labs at Fryxell
Home Sweet Home
LDB Galley Tent
Fuzzy Hat
Bending Plexi
Fuel Drum Platform
Frosty Boy
Blade Boxes

ANTARCTICA 2019 & 2020

Having fun and getting work done on the white continent. 


PA Contractor #PA148485

Philadelphia CONTRACtor 055271

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