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Rooftop Swimming Pool
Tarp Back Roof
Laying out Roof
Laying out Window Details
Framing Crew Cutting
Opening the Eaves
Walls Up
Bringing in the Ridge Beam
Setting the Ridge
Setting Rafters
A Better Tarp Support
Installing Lookouts
Rafter Tails
Finished Rafter Tails
Eave Boards and Rafter Tails
Eave Boards
Side View
Rolling Up the Tarp
Installing Barge Boards
Barge Boards
Omg a Roof is On
Bird Block Factory
Bird Blocks
Bracket 2
Lisa Installing Skylight
Old Sill
Window Parts on a Cart
Window Frames
Window Frame
Window Frames Primed
Black Window Frames
Window Frames Installed
Bridle Joints
Cutting for a Dutchmen
A New Sill
Rafter Ties
Lisa on the roof
New Front Fascia
Detailing Front Roof
Delivering Trim Package to Second Floor
Lisa & Asa tear up the floor
Installing Bridging
Flooring Installed
Pretty Grain Pattern from Old Floor
Replacement Trimmer
Lisa Grinding the Floor
Kitchen Sink Stand
Kitchen Sink
Keeping Things Tidy
Wood Storage
Hard Hat Storage
Milled Pane Stops
Fixing an Old Lock Hole
Installed Door Patch


This 1790's house was a massive project. We had to convert a rooftop pool into a serviceable roof and do a massive amount of remediation for damage that came from years of water intrusion. Since the existing roof had terminated into the main house in a less than ideal manner, we raised the roofline by 30" and framed for a bank of windows on either side along the roofline. I milled decorative rafter tails for the rear roof and we installed cedar eave boards and barge boards. We replaced the roof trim all around the house and I milled custom fascia for the front. We had to repair nearly every joist and replace the entire floor in the back portion of the house. Some of the long leaf pine flooring that was salvageable found new life as base trim in our bathroom. A little planing revealed a beautiful grain pattern.  I milled window frames to replace the original structural window frames. Some red oak joists rescued from the trash from another very old home project became the base for our kitchen sink. My old tool board now holds kitchen gadgets. 

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